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Water Immersion Retort(The Retort with Hot Water Vessel and Sterilization Vessel)

Actively involved in the sterilization equipment industry for many years, DTS is confident to introduce you the top-quality water immersion retorts. The rotary sterilizer retorts stand out with balanced heat distribution, automated operation and satisfactory sterilizing efficiency, the retort with hot water vessel and sterilization vessel is well suitable for various high-viscosity products packaged with thermal resistant materials.

Being the leading sterile retort maker in China, DTS is dedicated to providing top-notch batch retorts, continuous retorts, static retorts and rotary retorts for such industries as food, beverage and pharmacy. If you are interested in the automated rotary retorts or other retorts, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Water Immersion Retorts
1. Hot water is stored in upper kettle.
2. Due to full water immersion, heat can penetrate into products all around.
3. The automated rotary retorts can avoid air contact during the whole process, leading to zero cold air in kettle. The top-notch water circulating system ensures balanced heat distribution in kettle.
4. Peak pressure value can be avoided by controlling back pressure via stream inlet and outlet, largely reducing packaging material damage.
5. Smooth and rapid cooling helps the water immersion retorts avoid thermal shock and peculiar smell.
6. During heating, heat will penetrate into products at rapid speed, ensuring required sterilization performance can be achieved and designated F value can be reached at fast speed.
7. Thanks to forced convection brought by rotation, there is no cold point inside packages.
8. Full water immersion leads to satisfactory buoyancy, minimizing friction and collision of product packages.
9. Rotation during heating can help effectively avoid overheating of packaged food, container damage, over-steaming of product outer layer, delamination and precipitate.
10. The rotary batch retort is able to ensure the most ideal heat transfer performance. Short-time sterilization under high temperature can significantly improve efficiency and process more products.

Technical Parameters
Item Unit 1500# 1800#
Retort inner diameter mm 1500 1500 1800 1800
Retort chamber length mm 4000 4850 6300 7500
Total volume 7.5 9 16.7 19.9
External dimensions(L*W*H) mm 5800*2510*2270 6650*2510*2270 8600*2700*2400 9800*2700*2400
Power kw 18 18 27.5 27.5
Design temperature °C 145
Operating temperature °C 125
Test pressure MPa 0.44
Design pressure MPa 0.35
Operating pressure MPa 0.25
Materials for main pressure-bearing parts S30408 Q235B 20# Q345R
Process Flow Chart

The water immersion retorts are ideal for all kinds of high-viscosity products packaged with thermal resistant materials.
1. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle
2. Metal container: tin can

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