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    1. Water Spray RetortThe batch retorts heated with water under pressure are perfect for beverage and other food industries, allowing for automatic loading and unloading in mass production. If you are looking for reliable batch retorts, please contact us immediately.
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    1. Water Immersion RetortThe water immersion retorts incorporate fully-automatic control system. The whole sterilization process is totally controlled by computerized PLC, allowing you to get everything done at one time without manual operation.
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    1. Pilot SterilizerThe pilot sterilizers are the best option for clients with relatively small output, laboratories and food producers in need of new product development. Our company supplies this sterilizer for pilot study and lab experiment. The sterile equipment ...
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    1. Water Immersion RetortThe rotary sterilizer retorts stand out with balanced heat distribution, automated operation and satisfactory sterilizing efficiency, the retort with hot water vessel and sterilization vessel is well suitable for various high-viscosity products packaged with thermal resistant materials.
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    1. Steam RetortThe supporting rollers adopt antifriction bearing structure, boasting small rolling friction and long service life.
      The rotating speed is governed by frequency converter so that rotating speed can be adjusted anytime depending on product viscosity to avoid delamination and precipitate.
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