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Beverage, Dairy Sterilization Solution

High-temperature sterilization is extremely important for short shelf life food.

Beverage/Dairy refers to direct-drinkable liquid food, made by means of different recipes and manufacturing technologies, using water/milk as the basic raw material. To ensure product safety and quality, functional high-pressure sterilization equipment is in high demand.

Recommend Products: Water Spray Retorts
The recommended water spray retorts belong to static retorts, whose food crates keep still. Static retort is the most popular batch retort for its relatively high mechanical reliability and extensive application for almost every type of packaging. The static water rain retorts we recommend are well suitable for high-temperature sterilization, pasteurization, low-temperature sterilization for almost every product in all kinds of packages.

Meat Sterilization Solution

Much faster, fresher and better than ordinary sterilization

By meat, we mean meat products, using livestock and poultry meat as main raw materials and added with condiments. To ensure freshness and safety, meat products must be sterilized in high-temperature environment where extremely precise control over temperature distribution is required so as to achieve effective and fast sterilization without compromising original flavors.

Recommend Products: Water Immersion Retorts
With the water immersion retorts, meat products can be put still in the retorts and totally immersed in water. The buoyancy of water will significantly reduce the gravity of stacked meat, leading to minimum package deformation. Especially in rectory water immersion retorts, the wear, tear and deformation resulting from rotary will be minimized.

Baby Food Sterilization Solution

Safety is the priority!

There is a lot of baby food available in the market nowadays. To make sure it is simple, clean and safe for babies to eat, sterilization is one of the most important and indispensable step in baby food production. Therefore, powerful and effective industrial autoclaves are baby food manufacturers’ must-have equipment.

Recommend Products: Water Spray Retorts

Sterilization Solution for Aquatic Products

Much fresher, better and faster than ordinary sterilization

Sterilization is also a vitally important process for extending aquatic products’ shelf life. Aquatic products are usually very fragile, so it is more reasonable to control the temperature within a certain range in the packaging process.

Recommend Products: Water Spray Retorts

Sterilization Solution for Mixed Congee

Nutrition, Sterilization and Disinfection

Mixed congee is beneficial to human spleen and stomach, well suitable for dietary therapy of obesity and neurasthenia or daily health care. Rapid sterilization with high-temperature, high-pressure steam and hot water is ideal for mixed congee and the likes. Continuous and slow rotation speeds up heat transfer and balance, largely shortening sterilization time and avoiding over heating around food.

Recommend Products: Water Immersion Retorts , Steam Retorts

Sterilization Solution for Agricultural Products

To perfectly ensure their freshness

Agricultural products mean plants, animals, microorganisms and their products obtained from agricultural activities, featuring long-shelf life. To ensure high quality and freshness, most agricultural products require short-time high-temperature sterilization, and some are usually placed into cans needing much more powerful food sterilizer.

Recommend Products: Water Spray Retorts & Water Cascading Retorts

Sterilization Solution for Pet Food

To make it more suitable for pets

Pet food is specifically made for pets and small animals. It is premium animal food, falling between human food and traditional fodder. Pet food mainly provide all kinds of pets with most basic nutrients for life support, growth and health, possessing many advantages like comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility, scientific recipe, standard quality, high convenience to feed, effective immunity to some diseases, etc.

Recommend Products: Water Spray & Water Cascading Retorts