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Control System

Our newly-designed control system for sterilization equipment operates based on industrial PC type programmable automatic controlled cycle. The control system in line with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements incorporates the functions of data processing and man-machine interface.


1. Reliability
Protection level of electric control cabinet reaches IP55, easily adapting to humid environment in sterilization room.

We adopt SIMENS control system, which reaches the highest level in terms of hardware stability and software control accuracy. As for temperature parameter in the sterilization industry, the accuracy can be limited within ±0.3°C. The food sterilization special software co-developed by DTS and SIMENS plays a vitally important role in reaching the best sterilization.

All the important components are imported from overseas brands, ensuring our clients are able to timely locate spare parts all over the world so as to reduce downtime.

2. User-friendly operation
Color touch screen (10.4 inches or 8 inches)
Easy operation and training
Fast and simple cycle programming (or modification)
Timely follow up on cycle data
Simply configured I/O setting

3. High safety
The control system integrates digital recording function in accordance with FDA 21 CRF Part 11. (Authorized visit and traceability on manufacturer according to FDA 21 CRF Part 11)
Able to store and search data, alarm, incident of historical cyclicity
Almost unlimited data storage
Date search of external storage device: U flash disk, external hard disk drive, server, printer…(optional)

Optional Items
Up to 8 product probes used to sense heat distribution, heat penetration, F0 value
Multiple network and upper computer networking and communications
Remote maintenance
Paper or non-paper recorder

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