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Operation Instruction

Autoclave sterilizers are mainly applied in food industry, beverage industry, medicine industry, etc. Thanks to the features like big heating area, high thermal efficiency, balanced heat distribution, fast liquid boiling, easy control over heating temperature and so on, the sterile equipment are extensively used. Please pay close attentions to the following points before operating any retorts:

1. Make sure mercurial thermometer is configured and its measuring range, scale and installation position are suitable.
2. Please prepare a matched automatic temperature recorder. Some manufacturers may choose not to install automatic temperature recorder so as to save money, but we must remind you it is a must-have.
3. If your retort sterilizer belongs to water sterilization retort category, you must install a water circulation system and fix a flow meter on circulation line to tell flow is stable or not.
4. Matched pipelines for retorts and the layout should be ready in accordance with requirements.
5. Inspection on retorts should be carried out on a regular basis. It is required that external inspection should be conducted every half year and overall inspection should be carried out at least once every year. Preparation and test items should be conducted according to regulations and inspection report should be properly kept in archive.

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