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Thanks to the holistic service system, DTS is able to provide exceptional services like on-site commissioning, training, acceptance inspection, etc.

We will assign our professional engineers to your factory to install your retort sterilizer, but you have to get the retort and utility connection ready in your factory before our arrival. Besides, you are supposed to assign several well-experienced engineers like electrical engineer, mechanical engineer to assist us for free.

Commissioning and Training
Our well-trained engineers will conduct on-site supervision and guidance about autoclave installation and pipeline connection. Also they will carry out test run and have acceptance document signed.

The total period for installation, commissioning and training will last 12 weeks at most. We guarantee that you do not need to pay our engineers, but it should be emphasized that the time for equipment commissioning and acceptance should not be over 3 months after the equipment arrives in your factory.

Final Acceptance Inspection
As long as the retort sterilizer achieves all the indicators in Appendix 1, it should be regarded as "acceptable". Acceptance document should be drafted by both parties, and we will sign the acceptance document together with you after the sterile equipment passes acceptance inspection.